Hire a Container

The container hire is $30 per week with the first two months paid up front. There is no deposit. The customer brings their own pad lock so they have the only access to their container. We recommend getting a quality hardened steel lock.
Insurance is a matter for the customer, sometimes they are covered by home and contents insurance or we can arrange a quote from a wholesale insurer on the customer’s behalf. (We don’t push insurance because it is time consuming for us but if the customer wants it we can do it).

  • $30 PER WEEK
  • $50 PER WEEK


Delivery Options
Fast and easy delivery options

At Big Steel Box, we have a range of delivery service options depending on site access. If you have an easy to access open site we will usually deliver with a tilt tray truck. For awkward or hard to access areas like a backyards with no rear access we can usually deliver with a Hiab or crane truck. Side loaders are often another good alternative.

Fast and easy delivery options

Cost of delivery will depend on your location. We try our best to offer you the most affordable delivery service. If we have pick ups in your area we will try to align the pick up and drop off to offer you the most affordable price. We can give you an imediate quote over the phone so call us on 0490 817 316

Shipping container hire Geelong

Are you planning to make some space at home? Big Steel Box offers the best quality shipping containers, resistant to high intensity wind and water. You can easily hire our shipping containers at a very low price.

Why Hire Shipping Containers Geelong?

Shipping containers, as the name suggests are used for overseas transport of items and are made out of the best quality steel and Iron. Our shipping containers are fully equipped with all weather resistant technologies. Our hiring charges are very affordable for you to store your goods.

What makes us special and different from others?

  • Best Quality Shipping Containers
  • Flexible On Time Service
  • Convenient Location
  • Properly Inspected Boxes

Container hire geelong at affordable prices

Our shipping containers are purpose built for the storage of goods and are inspected prior to being hired. Our containers offer the best storage solution for your belongings.Our 20ft shipping containers can be hired at a very affordable price of $25 per week. Whether you need a job site storage facility or a self storage shipping container, we meet all your requirements making sure you get the best experience at Big Steel Box.

Benefits of a shipping container hire Geelong

We at Big Steel Box provide 20 ft shipping containers that are purpose built for the safety and security of your possesions. We offer the best quality shipping containers at the cheapest price on hire in Geelong.Our idea of providing shipping containers at cheap prices does not affect the quality of the product.We ensure that you get the best return on your investment at Big Steel Box.

Our Shipping Containers are best used for:

  • Trade Storage of Products
  • Furniture Storage
  • Office and company Archives
  • Storage Space at a Job Site
  • Creating Space Where you Need It

Our containers have multiple purposes ensuring the best storage solution in Geelong.These shipping containers undergo a stringent inspection before making it available for the customers to buy.

Get in touch with Big Steel Box to hire shipping containers in Geelong.

Contact Big Steel Box today and hire our cheap shipping containers in Geelong.We ensure excellent security and safety of your items making sure you get your belongings back just the way you left them inside the container. Order the best shipping containers in Geelong right now and you won’t be disappointed!

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